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How many leads will I receive?

Whilst we cannot guarantee how many leads you will receive, we will work effortlessly to ensure that we grow your business by sending you leads.

How do I pay for the leads?

Yellow Pages Business to Business work on an upfront payment model, to ensure that you always receive leads, to top-up your yellow wallet.

I currently receive leads on my website, how different is this?

While your website is the great tool of generating leads, it is not the only tool, take advantage of growing your business by partnering with a platform that has “ready to buy audience”

Can I make changes to my bookings?

Yes you can make changes to your bookings

How do I manage my offline bookings with my Yellow Pages Online bookings?

You can pre book the time that you would like to receive Yellow Pages bookings and we will only send you the leads for that time?

I don’t have any advertising with Yellow pages; can I still receive leads from this platform?

Yes you will be able to receive leads. We will register your business on Yellow PagesClick here to register your business and to start receiving leads.